Why are DSLR bodies bigger than film era SLR?

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Re: film SLR were all plastic?

ohmydentist wrote:

Are you saying film SLR were all plastic and had no battery? Buffer is a memory, and its size is negligible.

didn't film SLR have more mechanical parts, which takes more room than electronic parts?

Ohmydentist - No I'm not saying that film SLRs were all plastic or had no battery. I'm just saying that the Nikon pro SLRs weigh more because they are more robust and that advanced features likely add a bit to the weight. For comparison purposes the Nikon F5 weighs 1210 grams without batteries. The D3s weighs 1240 grams without the batteries and the announced weight for the D4 is 1340 grams including the batteries. I couldn't get a weight for the EN-EL18 but I suspect that once you take the batteries out the actual weight of the F5, D3s, and D4 is pretty close. While the film camera has more moving parts, it doesn't have a sensor, processing or video support electronics, or buffer (even it only weighs a gram or two). There may also be some other reasons that the D3s and D4 are a little heavier than the F5 but someone more knowledgeable than me would have to weigh in.


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