I just don't get these 2001 prices??

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Re: I just don't get these 2001 prices??

NeilJones wrote:

Don't use this silly "longer shutter" argument again. How many shutters have you worn out over the years Harry? Do you know you can replace most for a couple hundred dollars!

The bodies are superior? How much do those molded bodies cost to make I wonder.

The longer shutter argument is hardly silly. I'll be goimg to S. Africa on safari in June. After paying for my plane fare + lodging a shutter failure would cost me a lot more than a few hundred dollars. Then you have to factor in the time lost while its being repaired and shipped back and forth.

Yes, the body build is superior and will stand up better under adverse conditions. If one is willing to pay for it I don't see why you are getting upset. I'm often out in rough terrain where my cameras have to up to conditions where cheaper cameras would not fare as well.

You do not mention it but again you also have to consider their superior performance in low light situations plus their superior IQ.

The Sony cameras are fine tools but they were never intended to compete with the Nikon D4 and/or the Canon 1DX. They were intended for a very different markets.



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