I just don't get these 2001 prices??

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Fred Mueller Senior Member • Posts: 2,528
I won't defend the OP too strongly ...

but the Japanese are famous for corporate collusion, and it just might be that Canon and Nikon calibrate their "feature" rollout so market share stays approximately the same, but the overall market is effectively monopolized - at least a segment of it ... ie Canikon effectively controls the hi end "pro" body market and enjoys a premium margin as a result, and Sony might just be playing along - they after all have a dog in the fight with chip manufacturing....

this is not necessarily a bad thing BTW - tech companies are famously unstable because it is so easy to go down a blind ally developmentally. These highly spec'ed cameras are not strictly commodity items

It is possible for two boxers to bloody each other so badly, that neither ever fights again regardless of who "won".


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