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Re: I print 40" x 60" often with my D300

No, I do not.

Best shot practices, Tripod, cable release, good glass, MLU...etc as applicable.

I convert in raw at native size and 360 PPI.

I post process as normal. And sharpen a little extra crispy (the print process calms that down a bit) and a tad over saturated (again, print process and paper vs. monitor will calm that down a touch)

If printing to a printer with a RIP or printing to a LightJet, Chromira, or Durst Lambda printer I do zero upres and let the print process take care of it. It an do it much better than I could ever put together (I have tested this).

I think you would be suprised at my upres technique for those without a RIP.

1. I uprez to the next size up IE: if 40" x 60", I uprez to 60" x 90" @240PPI bicubic smoother.

2. Then I downrez to the final size (40" x 60") @180PPI.

3. Now come the "by the seat of the pants" part. I then sharpen using the NIK tool, then remove noise with the NIK define tool, and then do one last superfine sharpening pass using Smart Sharpen at about 200 for Amount, .2 - .4 for radius, and Remove = Lens Blurr, and more accurate box checked.

I even used these settings on the sample file from the D4 that is the woman on top of the elephant and it works just fine.

TIP: once your at full size (IE In this case 40" x 60" at 180PPI) view your screen at about 50%. If you pop the ruler up on the screen, you will see that your looking at about what the print resolution will look like on the actual print (1 screen inch = 1 real life inch) this keeps your edits showing you what will really happen on the print. Once you have adjusted, look at 50% and stand back about 2 feet or 3 feet from the monitor to get the real effect of what your viewer will see.

But the best way is to print with the printers noted above or with a company that has a RIP that does scaling. It will do a better job than you can ever do.

Also remember, that the best shot & PP practices come more into play than the process. If you have a very high quality shot to start with, this will easily exceed expectations in the end result.

"The only rule of composition is....that it works."

We are officially live!!!!
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