I just don't get these 2001 prices??

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NeilJones wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

A car with a more powerful engine, which keeps all road noise suppressed sells for much more than a low end Kia, right? Same goes for cameras.

Stupid analogy.

Not so stupid, it takes a lot more $ from companies to engineer high-end products, so the price doesn't only justify the material or production price, but also all investment the company made to engineer and test flashgrip products. Low end models are mass selling so if they sell a million of D3100 and earn 10$ from each to pay lower engineering costs, they have to earn 1000$ (fictive numbers) or even more for each D4 sold: they also sell a lot less of them and they have to cover all initial big investment. This logical concept applies to every lucrative company.

Now it would be stupid for Nikon to sell more D4 for less money, it would kill the low-end models mass market, so the cheaper cameras would also be more expensive, so people would buy even less of them. Its very logical. And I'm sure that all these scenarios were analyzed by experts in the marketing department.

I hate people who think that prices must reflect only production cost. That is stupid.

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