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Re: Take 4: Barn Doors, gels and grids (disastrous grid effect)

Thanks David, inline

David Grabowski wrote:

Now questions:

1) Does it matter which side I install the grid? I mean upside down or downside up?

No, only that if you were to mount the grid behind the diffuser front would be unconventional and draw groans from the peanut gallery, but cut the effect you are getting. I suspect the grid is coarse and the box deep. You get the grid pattern or a textured pattern in this case. If this isn't going to work, send it back ! Get your money back.

ARC> Hah! I think I am the ideal consumer for sellers. I buy impulsively and hardly ever return unless its bust on arrival I am going to keep it - who knows a few months down I'll figure a great use for it

Should read in tenths. There is a bar code looking feature at the bottom of the lcd under your F Stop reading, it goes across in scale, 9 tenths then the next F Stop appears.. I don't own the meter, nor have the manual to the meter but I know someone who owns it and have used his but years ago. It worked well. I just watched a video online about it as well, they mentioned the bar scale under the F Stop reading as well. It works similarly to my L308B in that regard, except my 308 scale is in an arch.

That said, so your meter drops from F8 to F5.6, now look to see the bars below the reading. Maybe say, there are four bars so set the camera at F6.3, maybe there are7 bars, F7.1 etc. Sometimes it will be half way, some cameras read in half stops, others third but either way often you can cut it at the half point to the next f stop. You will come to know your meter and camera well.

ARC> Ah yes - those bars. missed that. It befuddles me, why, when the display is capable of displaying numbers that they would also use bars to represent full stops.

Practice and read !

That grid maybe isn't going to work for you on the main light with the space you have to shoot in , the distance of the light to the front of the soft box combined. Plus with grids, you do tend to use a more direct light path by nature. If not, then send it back, get your money back. Or else save it for a different setup, maybe rim light at some point.

ARC> Indeed - save I will.

The hair light setup seems to be working out.

ARC> Yes, I think the barns did the trick. Nifty little things, those.

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