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jeff hladun
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Re: poor action shots

I'm really scratching my head here. Is Petertan talking about motion blur in the subject matter caused by low shutter speeds, or is he referring to camera shake? If it the first, why does he say a camera MUST have autofocus to eliminate motion blur? Motion blur is simply a function of shutter speed, and the first iteration of the M8 is as quick as 1/8000 a second. That should freeze anything slower than a speeding bullet. 1/4000s on the M9 is pretty good , too.

If he is writing about camera shake, then sure an internal stabilization system would be of benefit. That gives a one-stop advantage, or thereabouts. Isn't that balanced out by the lack of mirror-shake in the rangefinder system? Isn't that a wash?

One of the reasons we do see motion blur in some styles of street photography has to do with slow f-stops which deepen the depth of focus. For any given ISO, the higher the f-stop, the slower the shutter speed. For some street photographers a tall DoF is much more important for compositional purposes than is the need for frozen imagery. Quite often motion blur is actually preferred, and happily even Petertan agrees with this.

I'm also puzzled as to why Petertan thinks simply because there aren't many examples of action shots on our sites that this is proof of an incapability of a rangefinder to shoot in that manner. That is a function of being in the right place at the right time! In my case, that is strictly my fault, and not a camera issue.

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