D4 no internal GPS? Seriously?

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benefits of geoencoding...

sandy b wrote:

Either way, how many people geoatag their images?

Those who do tend to be passionate, but yeah, certainly we're a minority. It's the kind of thing whose appeal may not become apparent until long after you've started, so those without the foresight to see the benefits consign it to the realm of "novelty".

But really, anyone who has ever prepared for an outing/vacation by checking out photos in Google Earth has benefited from other's geoencoding, and if all your photos are geoencoded, you never have to wonder "where was that again?"

And once you have a critical mass of photos from enough outings over the seasons and years, you can end up with something like this interactive photo map


that I use often to recall where/what I did in an area (mostly Kyoto), and photographers planning on a visit to Kyoto use to scope out places to visit.


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