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Re: poor action shots

petertan1959 wrote:

some photographers want motion blur to add "character" to a shot. that is ok.
it means he can control when & how to make the motion appear.

the M9 has motion blur because the camera has no way to counter the motion blur because it has no inlens or inbody stabilization.

no i do not live in a flat world. it is the other way around. you are like the council that tried galileo insisting that their system with earth at the center if the universe is the best system.
open your eyes to a better world of photography....

i know you have made a foolish decision with the purchase of your m9. there is still time to sell it to some other moron who will pay $10k in used condition.

get yourself a 5d or d3 ff!

LMAO, you have really no idea of what you're talking.

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