Why does M4/3 have 6 slow kit zooms ?

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Re: Why does M4/3 have 6 slow kit zooms ?

Francis Carver wrote:

Right on! If you buy your lenses based on what you get per $ or per €, it is best to stay the heck away from M4/3 lenses, period. But if you need to buy your lenses by the gram, and for every less gram of weight you are willing to pay more for the thing, then M4/3 lenses are the way to go.

Correct, micro 4/3s is a format whose strength is small size and light weight. You can get lenses with comparable speed & FOV for less in many cases, so you could say that you pay a premium for such a compact format. The benefit of a small form factor is that you can travel with a more versatile kit, or bring a camera with you when you otherwise wouldn't. If that benefit is lost on you, then m4/3 is not the system for you. Many of us appreciate those tradeoffs, so I guess you could say that we are the targe market for m4/3.

You mentioned that you don't care about size and weight, and apparently cost is very important to you. I'd imagine you are in the target market for a cheap dSLR kit, like an entry level Canon or Nikon.

I don't think there is another sensor size/camera form factor out there today that would have darker zooms than what the M4/3 optics provide. Yet, they are priced like they were actually fast aperture zooms, WTF is up with that?

Sony actually sells you one of their new SLT Alpha 65/77 cameras with a constant f/2.8 "stock" zoom lens. When will Panasonic or Olympus be able to do something like that? Ever?

Stock lens? Do you mean a kit lens? The Sony 16-50mm is a sweet looking lens, but it's a $700 lens that's part of a $2000 kit. That's as much of a kit lens as the 14-140 is.

It's also a large and heavy lens. At 577 gram lens, I think it's heavier than the heaviest m43 lens, the 520g 100-300mm zoom. So no, I doubt m4/3 will release a lens quite like that. I'm hoping the upcoming 12-35mm fast zoom is quite a bit lighter than that, not to mention smaller.

Are you really this ignorant or are you just trying to provoke people? You clearly don't understand what micro 4/3s is about, and you clearly are not interested in the format.


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