D4 no internal GPS? Seriously?

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What they're thinking...

latyshevv wrote:

I mean... No words...
Gosh. I really hate saying this, but what is nikon thinking?

They're probably not thinking that your personal wishlist should be taken as their business plan.

I know your feeling... I've been geoencoding my photos for the better part of a decade, but Lightroom offers no support for it, and with every release that doesn't support geoencoding, I want to pound my fists asking "what are you thinking, Adobe!?". But when it comes down to it, if the benefit-for-the-cost ratio was high enough for them as a business, it would have been made it in by now.

I have a point-n-shoot with a GPS receiver build in, but it (the receiver) is crap.. perhaps worse than nothing because if you can't trust it, you can't trust it. When I'm out with the camera (it or my SLR) I bring a small GPS+GLOSSNAS receiver, and sync the tracklog to the photos later. I'd love it if my SLR had that kind of quality receiver built in, but there are a lot of costs for Nikon to consider:

  • Additional R&D costs (both time and materials), documentation costs, and manufacturing costs.

  • Increases product cost for all users, even though many won't use functionality

  • Makes an already huge camera camera physically bigger

  • Takes power; people already complain about battery life and cost,

and this just adds to it.

  • Makes an already complex camera more complex.

  • Once it's added, complainers will shift focus to how it's implemented.

("No tracklogs and step-by-step driving directions? What are you thinking!?")

  • The lose-lose prospective of having to balance data quality (fast, high-sensitivity receiver) against these costs (requires more $$$, more space, more power), vs. going cheap and getting ripped for doing so.

  • Many other issues I'm not thinking of, I'm sure.

Many features share the same concerns... video support, built-in wireless, built-in Ethernet, built-in mini printer, auto recording, etc. ... and some make it in and some don't.

I can understand your frustration, but "What is Nikon thinking?" is an interesting question from someone who understands their own ignorance of the big picture, but a poor expletive if from someone who doesn't even recognize their own ignorance.


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