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Re: poor action shots

bpalme wrote:

M9 is fantastic. It is the smallest and lightest fullframe camera in the world. It is the only digital RF in production. There is no competition for it period. >

usually there is a reason why there are no competition. market is not dumb enough to spend $10k for a camera.

if i am correct, IBM selectrics are the only remaining typewriters from a US firm still in production. No competitors there...i wonder WHY???

That's why the price is ridiculous. >

it is ridiculous because there are morons willing to pay for it

There is no point trying to justify the price it is what it is. It looks like crap on paper but for those of us that enjoy the precise focus it's a real joy to use.>

it is crap on paper and crap in reality.

But for subjects sitting reasonably still at medium distances it excels.>

uhhh i hate to inform you but for subjects sitting still even a P&S or a pinhole camera will excel!

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