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Re: poor action shots

MrLaki wrote:

petertan1959 wrote:

one thing you will notice from Leica forums & flickr groups is that there are NO action shots. most are photos of still life, people standing around doing nothing.

you should check better...

yes i did check flickr leica group and most are still life,portrait,b/w

even walking people or any motion photography are very few.

not true as well, maybe not every photo of walking people needs motion blur, ever thought of that?

you don;t need motion blur because m9 has no AF. motion blur needs AF!

the manual focus system even for a rf is not capable of quick freeze frame effect of a AF system.

yeah, there haven't been any action shots before the invention of AF-systems and the earth is for sure flat in your universe as well...

but a canon dslr can take portrait, still life, action shots, night shots, macro shots, telezoom, ALL in 1 package at least than $1000...

but you will here users here justify that they do not want action shots....

do you want action shots? no? maybe other don't want to do them as well.

wekk you usually DO NOT want something your camera is not capable of taking anyway...

enough said.


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