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Re: poor action shots

M9 is fantastic. It is the smallest and lightest fullframe camera in the world. It is the only digital RF in production. There is no competition for it period. That's why the price is ridiculous. There is no point trying to justify the price it is what it is. It looks like crap on paper but for those of us that enjoy the precise focus it's a real joy to use. Most people who can afford an expensive Leica kit also have some sort of autofocus camera for those needs. Like a fine special tool in a painters kit it can not paint broad strokes well... But for subjects sitting reasonably still at medium distances it excels. Look... a camera/lens system this expensive needs to be scrutinized thoroughly... fair enough. Focus peaking is getting close but from several users.. it sounds like it is not quite there yet.. It is not as good as the rangefinder "yet". The gap appears to be closing though but I want the accuracy and speed of a RF and it has to be FF. I want my 35mm Summilux to be 35mm. So then... for the weight, bulk, FF and RF..there is no substitute. Is it the best at high ISO? No. Long Tele? No. Macro? No. Do I care? Yeah, a little but not a deal breaker for me.
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