Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

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wow, so suddenly OLED is upon us after all, we though it would have been hear already and then it seemed to get stuck at 13" or smaller and now 55"!! sure price is crazy this year but I remembering my friend and I salivating at the mall at the unreachable glory of 52" CCFL LCD sets and two years later we both had one!
heck he has one in every room now

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I'm hoping for somewhat affordable OLED monitor technology later this year, at least five new OLED TV's have been announced or rumoured for 2012. Most of these are probably based on OLED backlight only (with LCD shutter), but even that seems to be a big step up in quality. They should be able to manufacture these for a decent price once production is geared up, as the OLED panels are basically 'printed'. Let's see if there are some nice surprises at CES

Interesting OLED announcement from LG.

RGB+White, 4mm thick


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