Nex 7 - 16-50 f2.8 vs 16-80 CZ A mount?

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Re: from Kurt Munger

bornrich wrote:

Thank you, from Kurt Munger

Bottom line; I would highly recommend this lens for photographers that need, or want a constant fast aperture.  If you're a fair weather photographer that will shoot mostly in good light, I'd recommend the slightly smaller and lighter weight CZ 16-80mm as the image quality is very similar, and it has a longer zoom

Also, I overlooked your initial query, and you say which will work best with the 7 and the more expensive adapter.
There are two more reasons I think the 16-50 will suit your needs better:

1. The 16-50 uses the quiter, faster, and overal better SSM focus motor versus the SAM motor on the carl zeiss lens. If you are going to pay for phase detection autofocus, I'd want a capable lens to take advantage of that.

2. You have TWENTY FOUR megapixels to play with on the 7. The little extra focal length you get with the Zeiss is nill, as you can crop to the Zeiss' focal length equilvalent and still have MANY more pixels than you would ever need.

Given that the 16-50 is also cheaper and provides the same image quality as the Zeiss, the 16-50 is the real winner here, unless you just love that little blue logo on your lens. > .> Which is a terrible reason to get a lens (based on name alone).

Hope that helps.

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