A little cloud action

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Re: A little cloud action

krikman wrote:

The head of "fan tower" looks to the left out of the picture. So follows sight of the viewer, at least me. This composition destroys all the work for clouds volume.

Clouds for my taste have too dark shadows. With light grass they must be illuminated enough from surface reflections.

Tones in picture in all are pleasant.

I heard than D700 can produce color pictures as well. Sure D4 will.

I tend to agree. The composition bothers me a bit. My eye does get directed out of frame on the left. Might have been better to walk to where you could get the windmill (this "fan tower" pumps water from a well) on the right side of the image--not so close to the frame edge--and still get the clouds.

The darks and lights in the clouds are dramatic, but they have been pushed a little too far to feel realisitc, IMO.

A very nice image with a few flaws that you can improve on next time.
Robin Casady

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