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MilSooper wrote:

I don't think the folks here buy a Leica Rangefinder to sell it. I think they buy it to use it. Don't hate them for having enough money to spend on it. It is a personal choice. I waited a long time to be able to purchase one. I became so enamored with the M8.2 and how it operated and the experience and the results I got an M9 and like both of them very much.

That was never the original premise of why I posted this thread. The "resale value" issue was initiated by someone defending their Leica M8 vs the rapidly depreciating value of a newer compact camera: Sony's NEX5n. All I did was clarify the this was not necessarily so - never once implying that is why anyone bought any camera body. I did highlight that if there is an "investment" calculation involved in purchasing photographic equipment, it was most likely centered on attaining high quality lenses - that do tend to hold more of their resale value than all camera bodies - regardless if they are made by Leica, Canon, Zeiss, Nikon...etc.

And why do some of you Leica folks immediate resort to the exaggerated description of any real, or perceived Leica adversary -- with the extreme misnomer emotion of "hate", or "hating" ? For me, nothing could be further from how I actually feel about Leica as a company. Without having to once again re-qualify my personal opinions of Leica as a whole, or the umpteenth time. All I will say to this overly misapplied "hate" descriptor - is that it does appears to be the easy go-to dismissal of all non-Leicaphiles true-believers. I will continue to greatly admire, and hold in very high regard, almost any of Leica's higher-end optics - vintage, or newly released - regardless of the mis-applied "hate" moniker used when one has no real response to a deeply held belief that has become a kind of religion in itself. Optics is where I feel Leica has always exceled and singularly distinguished itself in the big wider world of general photography.

I've been the " and chose to revert to the mechanical world as it slowed me down and made me think of what I was doing. I like it. my choice.

It amazes me that there are so many people that buy the latest "greatest" new camera out there and then extoll the virtues of manual adjustments and settings. Seems like a waste of a great computer to me.

The "mechanics" of a given camera are all good and well - as higher-end camera bodies go, but to ignore, or even put down as unnecessary fru-fru -- many of the important, highly useful, and innovated advancements that have now become integral features and work-flow essentials for many professional and advanced amateurs in the general non-Leica "world" of digital photography, is once again, blindly buying intothe tired Leica "retro" mechanics and features ONLY for "real", bona-fide photographers propagandic bull.

The Leica equipment is a personal choice. There are some who have tried it. There are many who don't understand it. There are many that can't make it do what they want and move on. That's the way it goes.

And then there are those that fully "understand" most everything about what a Leica M-series is and what it stands for, and they still are not impressed, or moved enough to then fork over 50-100% for the privilege of having a fancy Red Dot firmly affixed to the front of whatever their compact cameras happen to be. For these folks (including myself), "that just the way it goes".

It seems senseless to me to have someone ask me what is so special or why I spent the amount of money I did on a camera. It's my money and I spend it the way I want. Simple.

Then by all mean, go crazy and give Leica Solms however much $$$$$ they might desire, or demand out of your bottomless wallet. Simple and costly!

A few years back I bought a Digilux 3. At the same time, or shortly thereafter I bought some Leica stock on a whim. Again with MY money. It has quadrupled. Them folks is doing sumpthin right.

Congrats to you. Leica Corp is so much more than just there over-priced retro camera bling you know.

There are people here that decry the amount of money Leica cameras cost that probably blow a lot more money on beer, whiskey, tobacco or drugs. That would be their choice. There are also people here that decry Leica as antiquated, lagging edge technology that run right out and buy the latest Nex, Canon, Fuji or Nikon or whatever and still hack out the same old photographs as most teenagers with a cell phone cam or a point and shoot. They capture a few images in a hurry and spend an inordinate amount of time post processing and trying to save an image that if taken with film would have went to the trash bin as a mistake.

Of course it makes sense that anyone who has the temerity to criticize Leica for unnecessarily marking up their fairly average digital cameras (most notably their rebadged Panny's) must be wasting their money on "beer, whiskey, tobacco or drugs".

If true, all of those things you listed at least (in my personal, informal experience) really deliver what I want from them - and most at a affordable and satisfying level, something that none of the digital cameras I've purchase and/or used from Leica have done quite as effectively. your mileage may vary.

When my camera bodies cease to function or Leica won't repair them or something new is released that I want I'll buy it. With MY money.

Assuming of course, you have any left to splurge on another new 7-10K Leica M10.

Whatever you do with your "money", be well.......

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