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Re: not a competitor, but

As I said before,

I own a Leica M8
I have owned a NX10 since it was released
I own a Nex3
I have a Nex5n for myself at my workplace that I use daily

My best friend owns a X100 and a D7000 and I meet him every weekend to take picture so off course we exchange our cameras

Would you stop saying I am just contaminated by the red Dot, since you are basically talking about me?

After using all those cameras, there is no way I would trade the M8 for any of them. Even they probably all beat the M8 in terme of functonalities and Iso (except the NX10). A camera is not just about specs but it seems you do not want to understand it. If I prefer the M8, it is not because there is a red dot, but because it the best build camera I have, I love the way it handles and the fact that it is mainly a mechanical operation instead of a full electronical operation.

My best friends is really a Nikon guy. He had only Nikon stuff since he started photography. As being the owner of the really praised D7000, he was impressed by what you call the outdated and sluggish M8.

He was so impressed by the way it handles and the general feeling when using it, despite its flaws, that he even thought of selling all of his Nikon system to switch to a M8 too (despite the huge technological gap and the really different approach of photography those two tools provide).

Because he wasn't that crazy, he then thought of buying a X100 before, to make sure a rangefinder is for him.

Now he has his X100, he really enjoys it, especially the high iso capabilities and the skin tones under artificial lights, but he feels the camera is far to provide the same user experience he has with my M8. He is still under the thinking process to make his final decision.

As for me, after using the X100, I think this is a great camera, but again it has nothing to do with a M regarding the way it handles. I am thinking of buying one though...especially while out with family or friend because it is a remarkable camera for shooting under difficult light situation like at Pub aur restaurant with low and artificial light. But there is no way this X100 could replace my M8 for a daily use. No way!

What I want to say is that, you guys are coming here to talk specs. I do not think a Leica M is about specs but about user experience. Coming from D7000, and also X100, my friend just realized he do not need all those buttons and functionalities. He saw what I could get out of my M8 (and he knows how old it is) and was just impressed by the camera. Surerly, this camera is not the best at night (but...well...we can discuss it because if you go on my Flickr my shots are taken almost exclusively at night these days with a F2.8 lens that I shot at F4) but is far to be outdated: It just works for me.

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