Listing/magnitude of differences between a65 and a77

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Listing/magnitude of differences between a65 and a77

While the a65 and a77 share many important features—most notably, the EVF (and SLT) and 24.3 MP sensor (and other grand features, IMHO, such as peaking, electronic first curtain, and the ability to turn the EVF “setting effects” to off)—it is also striking to me (a) how many features are missing/changed on the a65 (when compared to the a77) and (b) how there seems to be little rhyme or reason to some of the omissions/changes. (For an example of the latter, the a65 lacks “manual shift,” a feature found on every other SLT model from the a33 to the a77. Why?)

I’ve compiled the following list (albeit not paying a lot of attention to video-specific differences, if any). I’m sure it is inaccurate in some ways—both in terms of inclusions and omissions. [Along these lines, the dpreview review of the a65 seems to me to be incorrect in several respects in the list of features on p. 2 of its review. Where I think that is so, I’ve indicated by an asterisk.] And I’m sure everyone’s notion will differ as to which (if any) of these omissions matter. I just was surprised at the number of changes. About half are “hardware”-related; about half are “firmware” related. While I may feel disappointed by some of the hardware differences, I tend to wonder more whether the number of firmware changes really were necessary to sufficiently differentiate (price and market wise) the two bodies. Clearly, someone at Sony thought so…. (By the way, I own an a65, and don’t regret it—the smaller size and weight is a real advantage to me—but I occasionally grit my teeth at features I’ve “lost” through that decision!)

Features lowered/missing on a65 (compared to a77)

Polycarbonate body (versus weather-sealed partial magnesium)
Top shutter speed 1/4000 (versus 1/8000)
Top (non-HSS) flash sync speed 1/160 (versus 1/250)
10 fps (versus 12 fps)
15 point (3 cross) AF (versus 19 point (11 cross))
LCD tilt/swivel (versus tilt/swivel/pivot)
No top panel display
No flash socket
AF/MF switch (versus AF-C/AF-A, AF-S/MF)—done, instead, via “FN”)
One control dial (versus two)
Four-way controller (with center button) versus joy-stick
No AF/MF button (and thus no programming of that button)
No AF illuminator lamp
Less powerful built-in flash (10m vs. 12m)*
No vertical grip
No Memory recall
Auto ISO fixed (versus adjustable)
No ISO 50
No AF fine tune
No Manual shift/Program shift
No “manual” option for built-in flash (and thus no power ratio adjustment)
No extra fine JPEG
EV compensation + -3 [+ -2 for flash] (versus + -5 [+ -3 for flash])*
No exposure step (1/3 vs 1/2) choice for compensation*
No Delete Confirmation (i.e, whether “Delete” or “Confirm” appears first) choice

And then, two "additions" to the a65:

Adds Auto “no flash” option to left top dial
Adds “Shooting Tip List”

Sony SLT-A33 Sony SLT-A65 Sony SLT-A77
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