Why are HDRs and other PP work frowned upon?

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Doug Haag Senior Member • Posts: 1,298
Re: Why are HDRs and other PP work frowned upon?

This website has a forum subsection specifically devoted to post processing "the Digital Darkroom". If post processing were generally frowned upon by the photographic community, we wouldn't have a whole forum section devoted to it.


Post processing runs the gamut from subtle tweaks that enhance the image -- but it still looks like a photograph -- to extreme manipulations that result in an image that clearly could not have been produced by a traditional film camera. HDR can be applied on either a subtle or exaggerated basis to reflect either of these extremes. Another example that you'll find on the Digital Darkroom forum subsection is a technique called "smudging". I have yet to see the result of this post processing technique that could be mistaken for a traditional photograph.

It may be that the people who frown on such post processing results are simply reacting to the idea that the result doesn't look like a "photograph" and if it doesn't look like a photograph, perhaps, it should have place in the art world and a name --- but a name that doesn't include the word "photography".

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