Epson R3000: two nozzles clogged, but can't tell in output

Started Jan 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Epson R3000: two nozzles clogged, but can't tell in output

This is kind of odd and I seriously don't get what's going on here.

I went away on vacation for a couple of weeks, then came back to find that the print head needed cleaning. Not too surprising really, though I was hoping it might make it a little longer. Anyway, seems that mostly the cyan nozzles were affected, but the vivid magenta (VM) nozzles were ALL working just fine. (Based on ink consumption I'd say that the cyan have seen the least use compared to the others.)

So I do a print head cleaning which fixes everything that was wrong before, but afterwards the top two VM nozzles weren't working. After 2 more head cleaning operations still the same thing.... Everything working except the top two VM nozzles.

I went into photoshop and created a 100%-50% magenta gradient, made it fill the page, and printed it on a 8.5x11 sheet of 32lb HP Premium Choice laser paper.

Though some black ink seems to have wiped off of the print head or something as printing first started, I can't see any white lines in the magenta output at all.

I run another nozzle check and same thing.... Top two VM nozzles clogged.

So I try printing some 100% magenta 1px (300dpi) diagonal lines and I don't see any evidence of anything wrong. No gaps or anything, not even unevenness.

I run another nozzle check. Same thing. Top two VM nozzles still not working according to the nozzle check.

I don't get it. Is the nozzle check thing just broken or what? Most of the tanks, including the VM, are 5% full so I'm guessing it might just be related to low ink or something. Next I'll try replacing the VM tank though I hate wasting the ink that's supposedly remaining.

Any ideas what's going on here? I'm kind of new to this. Anything else I might try?

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