7D Noise and Image Quality not that good (w/ photos)

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Re: 7D Noise and Image Quality not that good (w/ photos)

I admit to being new to this site. Actually, I "staggered" on it while searching the i-net for info about what lenses I should consider for my new 7-D. After reading the posts and some of the responses here, I have to say that I find myself wondering what the intended purpose of this site is.

To me, this post, and others that I've read appear to be more of a forum for those who I'll call "Snobs", to offer their seemingly superior experience and opinions in trying to demean the author of a post. Cheap shots, superior "greater that thou" statements and condescension appear to rule!

What a shame. For those of us who are seeking an avenue to learn, this does not appear to be the place

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