HS30 vs HS25

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Re: Not a big fan of Lithium Rechargeables.

Kim Letkeman wrote:

An excellent reason to move to a modern Nikon camera like the D7000 ... Nikon does not screw its customers in that petty way ... Panny does, but I was able to downgrade the firmware and thus use after market batteries again in the ZS3 ...

I thought Nikon did shaft users who have 3rd party lenses, particularly Tokina lenses and to some extent the Sigma lenses. Nikon made subtle changes to the way the D90 and subsequent cameras communicate with lenses. The change meant in many cases the lenses did not report metering info to the camera correctly and made them unusable. In these cases the user (a Nikon customer) has had to have the lens rechipped, a solution offered by the manufacture at the users cost in many instances. This seems like a shafting of its customers to me.

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

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