Is it just the EPL1 or are all 4/3 cameras not very user friendly?

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Re: Is it just the EPL1 or are all 4/3 cameras not very user friendly?

Thank you all for your responses to my questions. In summarizing the responses, I can state the following:

  • Some responders cannot comprehend posed questions well

  • Some responders are only interested in articulating their own biases

  • The majority of responders are thoughtful and logical in their responses, with the primary goal being to assist the OP

  • The majority of responders feel the EPL1 has a UI that is not as well implemented as most other 4/3 cameras

  • The majority of responders who addressed the issue of image quality with a good shooting environment for the uses stated by the OP felt that an enthusiast P&S camera produced similar or identical quality images for viewing on a monitor than did the EPL1 with its kit lens.

  • Replacing the EPL1's kit lens with prime and/or high quality zoom lenses will greatly increase image quality, even when viewed on a monitor

  • 4/3 cameras using interchangeable lens can produce far better images under a greater variety of circumstances that an enthusiast P&S camera

Enjoy your photography and help others to enjoy theirs!


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