Cloning SSD drive to SSD drive problems

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Maybe Paragon Migrate OS to SSD

MikeMiami wrote:

Denis247 wrote:

Why not just do a clean instal onto the new ssd?

I was trying to avoid the PITA of reinstalling my programs, especially Windows and Photoshop. My CS5 is the upgrade version, upgrading from a used copy of CS4. I remember trying to activate the used CS4, it took me a while to convince Adobe I purchased it legally, problem was the original owner never deactivated it before selling it. It was an eBay purchase.

Not even sure what hassle Microsoft will give me if I have to reinstall Windows 7 and then try to activate it a second time.

Maybe Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 2.0

Paragon stresses that their more recent software is SSD aware. Also, the writeup for "Paragon Migrate OS to SSD" specifically states that it knows about the Windows 7 partitions.

You will probably have to reactivate any Adobe products regardless. In my experience, any time I transfer Windows to a different drive, all the Adobe products require reactivation. Knowing this, I always deactivate all my Adobe software before cloning to a different hard drive. (Windows itself has never complained.)

Windows is more intelligent with this--I think it lets you change three different hardware items before it loses activation. And the "three items" count times out. So it is only "change up to three items" for about a month. Then the count goes back to zero. I made a lot more than three changes to my old XP machine. But spread out over several years.

I haven't tried "Paragon Migrate OS to SSD" myself. I don't have any SSDs. But I have used the free version of Paragon Backup to transfer Windows to different mechanical HDs successfully on several different machines.


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