Say it Isn't So!!!!

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Re: Say it Isn't So!!!!

A brand new M7 or MP Leica film camera can be purchased from B&H Photo for $4,995.00. (Production is temporarily stopped until Leitz moves to their new facilities.) Either model - mint - can be bought in EBay for about 2,500.

If one prefers, alternative rangefinders exist. The Zeiss Ikon can be had for about $1,600.00; about $800.00 on EBay used. The Voightlander Bessa models start at about $1,000.00, and can be found on Ebay used for under $500.00.

Here we see similar products, ie., M-mount film rangefinders, selling anywhere from 500 to 5000 dollars. This has been the way for some time. Yet Leica continues to survive as a camera manufacturer. Come the time another M-mount digital rangefinder comes along to compete directly, Leica may be forced into a comeuppance and lower their price for the M9.

But history suggests otherwise. It's curious as to why Epson has decided not to bring back the RD-1. Throw in an updated sensor, even at the old 1.5 crop factor of the RD-1, and it could be the M8 competitor albeit not with exactly the same size footprint. The RD-1 started out at an MSRP of $3,000.00; what with the advancement in sensor quality, what could Epson sell the new model for today? 2, 3, even 4 thousand dollars? How would that kill all of these compact wannabees everyone is dying to purchase, just so they can use manual focus lenses in pretend rangefinder systems?

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