NEX-7 Summary of my experience

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Re: NEX-7 Summary of my experience

DoctorJerry wrote:

I read with interest the review of the NEX 7, especially the part where they compare image quality at higher ISO settings and then go through a whole routine about re-sampling the NEX5N image to "better" compare it to the NEX7.

What a bunch of BS. If that makes things more accurate, shouldn't they sample all comparisons between different camera sensors?

Actually, resizing images of different pixel resolutions is in many cases one of the only valid ways of comparing sensors. This is how DxOMark does it, for example.

You're always comparing apples to oranges when looking at images of two different sizes. How you compare them depends on your use. if you don'r print at poster size, downsizing the larger image probably makes more sense. If you plan to use the larger pixel count for more cropping, then comparing a crop of the same size as the smaller image may make most sense.

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