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Re: not a competitor, but

stevielee wrote:

instead of holding onto a 4+ year old camera body that has been majorly neo-obsoleted since it was first available. If given the option between the two, I'd much rather own one of the Epson RD1's for less than 1.5K, than own a IR contaminated, and seriously eclipsed Leica M8. The RD1 is just as well built (if not better), but with superior overall IQ, and also with a native M-mount.

The RD1 is a fantastic camera and IMO the best digital rangefinder, but it's not a Leica and without the red dot it will not be worth considering to some people. Same as the GXR Mount A12 and the Sony NEX-5n people don't know what they miss out on by ignoring anything without a red dot on it.

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