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Godfrey wrote:

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Godfrey wrote:

Given that my last two attempts to enjoy Fuji digital cameras ended with my selling them off pretty darn quickly, I don't think Leica has anything to worry about.

And given that my last two attempts to "enjoy" Leica's digital cameras (the original D-Lux P&S, as well as an ill-fated bout with the infamously flawed M8) ended with my quickly selling them both - and at a tidy loss, I don't think that Fujifilm has anything to really worry about at having to compete with any real competition from Leica when it comes to buying a higher end, high quality, AFFORDABLE compact camera in 2012. (-:

LOL ... I bet my two interactions with Fuji cameras are more recent than your two interactions with Leica cameras. I just mailed the second back to the dealer for a full refund this morning.

Original D-Lux ... um, about 7 years ago!

Regardless of the time-frame, I bought 2 Leica Lemons that I had to sell so that I could go out and buy another camera that ended-up being much better and more affordable. The original D-Lux was a real stinker - costing me nearly 1K at the time. I sold it on CL for a 30% loss (after owning it for only 3 months) and then I went out and purchased a Canon G5 in it's place. It was like night and day experience as far as compact P&S cameras go. The G5 was, and still is, a legendary P&S for what it was, and the D-Lux 1 has gone the way of the Dodo - thankfully never to be heard from again. I, like many others before me, fatefully made the common mistake - by naively assuming that Leica was still the pinnacle of photographic equipment options - heavily relying on my past, outstanding Leica film experiences.

The original Leica D-Lux became a kinda wake-up call for me that maybe this historic company was going to have a bumpy time of it as it tried to "retool" and reorientates it's focus in this new, technologically dominant world. And until they finally saw the D-Lux artifacting light and teamed up with Panasonic, Leica seemed as if it was on the verge of folding it's famous red dotted tent - when it came to producing competitive, state-of-the-art P&S digital cameras.

I don't even want to go into the nightmarish experience I had -- when I foolishly once again fell for the Legacy of Leica -- by stupidly purchased an M8 early after it's initial release. After losing another hefty chunk of money unloading it to buy the now legendary Canon 5D I, I vowed to never again buy into any Leica digital camera unless it was a gift, or in the remote chance that somehow Leica gets their technological and financial act together by side-lining all of their hand-tooled, brushed metal exterior "luxury" style over substance snobbery bent and finally puts out a competitive and AFFORDABLE digital camera that's as good, if not better than what's already available from countless other camera manufacturers . I don't see this happening anytime soon.

Fujifilm however, has stepping firmly and commandingly into the Leica-less, high quality compact camera breach and is now poised to handily slap the stodgy old German company upside it's "premium" red dotted head in every parameter that matters in this modern, new world of digital photography.

As it stands now, and will become even more prominant in the coming years, any of Leica's digital camera attempts are rapidly becoming anachronistic to all but a few, still smitten Red Dot loyalist...

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