At 10,000 feet with the D7000 on Haleakala

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Re: At 10,000 feet with the D7000 on Haleakala

Comments offered in light of your remark re: transitioning from film to digital...

I see you're using f/11 in an image with little, it appears, by way of nearby foreground. In another, did I see correctly f/36? Tremendous depth of field doesn't seem to be a necessity for at least some of these images. You may find your lenses offer greatest sharpness across the field at a slightly larger aperture... 'may' being the operative word. In these images, I don't think ISO 100 or 200 impacts image quality as adversely (a modest loss of dynamic range which may impact high DR scenes) as the reduction of image sharpness due to diffraction caused by the small aperture. Had your aperture selections been larger -- if that was possible, of course -- probably you'd have selected a lower ISO anyhow. Compared to film (= FX equivalent format), losses due to diffraction on densely pixel-packed sensors (dx format as in this case) is generally more obvious.

Also, if you shot RAW (which you may have, I don't know), you can tweak colour balance, saturation and exposure, among other things, without adversely affecting the image in any other way whereas saving a JPEG as another JPEG may result in compound losses -- however small -- due to compression.

Technical considerations aside, the shapes and textures in the images are wonderful, however, and you have framed things very nicely with some vibrant colours no less and a nice colour palate overall. Cheers!

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