Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

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Re: Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

chevysales wrote:

best monitor? sure is NOT one of the dells.

nec or the like

but not in that best price range...should have maybe put header as best $600 or under photo monitor..... personally speaking i would look at the HP's instead of dell for same money.

agree that everything in the $600 or so range is a compromise, they all have their problems (often uneven illumination / backlight bleed, wrong factory calibration requiring an additional calibrator, obtrusive AG coatings etc.). The real photo monitors start at around $1000.

I have been reading many reviews of 23-24" IPS displays and Dell IPS monitors usually seem to offer good value for money - maybe slightly worse than some others, but a lot cheaper. For $600 or below I would probably chose HP ZR2440w now (few reviews until now though).

I'm hoping for somewhat affordable OLED monitor technology later this year, at least five new OLED TV's have been announced or rumoured for 2012. Most of these are probably based on OLED backlight only (with LCD shutter), but even that seems to be a big step up in quality. They should be able to manufacture these for a decent price once production is geared up, as the OLED panels are basically 'printed'. Let's see if there are some nice surprises at CES

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