Bought a D3s month ago

Started Jan 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Russell Proulx Contributing Member • Posts: 590
Re: Bought a D3s month ago

I already have a D3s and don't see much yet to get me to upgrade. I shoot commercially and when I started shooting short videos with the D3s I quickly learned that a dedicated video camera with 'off camera' sound is better so I did that. My clients don't need HD quality as most of them end up as small inserts on corporate intranet sites.

If I upgrade I will get:

  • 30% slower RAW processing due to a file size I don't need.

  • 2 memory card slots that use different cards so I'll need to own both types.

  • less shots per card

  • I'll need a new card reader

  • I'm rarely ion a situation where 6400 ISO isn't adequate

  • control of an on camera flash (miss that on the D3s)

What I won't get:

  • a truly silent option at full resolution

  • a lower resolution RAW format option like Canon's sRAW

  • a lens release button lock

  • built in IR SU-800 function

  • add-on EVF option with full resolution capability

Not sure I'll upgrade just for the 'bragging rights' of having the latest and greatest.


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