Say it Isn't So!!!!

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Re: Say it Isn't So!!!!

harold1968 wrote:

None of what you said below is true

Maybe you should re-read what you wrote before.

You come to this forum and say 10 times a day that the M9 is rubbish

Now THIS is certainly not true. I did not once say the M9 is rubbish but just taht I don't see what he big deal is about.

When someone points out it isn't, you pretend not to read what they write and then say your mantra over and over again. Devoid of facts or any genuine discourse or interest in the facts

when this is pointed out, you deny everything and get all "its not about winning, its about loving each other ..." cr@p

Are you sure you are not talking about yourself there?

You have not presented any facts but your opinion as fact. I presented facts you ignored and chose to say the mantra over and over again as to how everything about the M9 is great and there are no problems at all.

Its just all rather trying

Trying and disappointing that you can't have a decent conversation.

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