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gonzalu wrote:

vFunct wrote:

1. Raw video codec.


2. HD-SDI out

Why? No need. HDMI is fine

3. Genlock/Timecode in

No need, not meant to do this in a camera with rolling shutter effect. They know they can't replace a dedicated video camera

4. 4k video resolution (non-Raw codecs)

Not ready for that level of quality if you're not going to resolve the issues with rolling shutter effect

5. 100+ FPS

I'd settle for 15

6. Internal ND filter


7. Tilt/Swivel monitor

Web based interface is FAR superior

8. Phase-detect AF for video

Huh? You want pro video features but you're unwilling to focus manually like a pro?

ENG videographers still use autofocus a lot.

9. Thunderbolt out

GigE and FW3 are sufficient. Although Thunderbolt could replace ALL the interfaces in one swoop

10. Bluetooth audio monitoring

That would be nice

11. Multichannel audio in

Use external deck. If you use this camera for video, likely you are doing high end production and would have the right tools for the job

Again, ENG.

12. XLR audio in

Maybe, if they did it via custom connection. XLR is a behemoth interface

13. High-bandwidth HDMI out

Yeah, but why? HDMI is fine

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