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D5 thread! Hahaha, you guys have really a great humor.

vFunct wrote:

Congrats to Nikon. The D4 is the perfect photojournalist camera, although it's still short on video features.

Video predictions on Nikon D5, expected in 2016 (or, what the Nikon D4 should have had):

1. Raw video codec.
2. HD-SDI out
3. Genlock/Timecode in
4. 4k video resolution (non-Raw codecs)
5. 100+ FPS
6. Internal ND filter
7. Tilt/Swivel monitor
8. Phase-detect AF for video
9. Thunderbolt out
10. Bluetooth audio monitoring
11. Multichannel audio in
12. XLR audio in
13. High-bandwidth HDMI out

Disappointed that they didn't include these by default. None of these features are technically challenging nor expensive, and many of the ports can be added without increasing size through an external break-out box connected via PCI Express. Maybe they'll create a separate C300-type camera with these features explicitly for the cinematography/ENG market.

Some photo features that would be interesting for the next generation D5:

1. Swappable sensors
2. Built-in GPS
3. Built-in 802.11ac
4. Firmware developer API interface
5. Sensor-based phase-detect AF for live-view mode
6. Video snapshots
7. Fully customizable/modular picture controls
8. WebP/JPEG2000/JPEG XR
9. Sensor stabilizer
10. Sensor tilt-shift-rotate
11. Foveon sensor
12. Built-in Eye-Fi
13. Face tagging

The best part is that in 10 years, all the D5 features will be in the D3800 or some other entry camera.

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