Say it Isn't So!!!!

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Re: Say it Isn't So!!!!

I feel really dumb wasting my time responding to you, but I will with a final post

None of what you said below is true

You come to this forum and say 10 times a day that the M9 is rubbish

When someone points out it isn't, you pretend not to read what they write and then say your mantra over and over again. Devoid of facts or any genuine discourse or interest in the facts

when this is pointed out, you deny everything and get all "its not about winning, its about loving each other ..." cr@p

Its just all rather trying

VladimirV wrote:

harold1968 wrote:

Godfrey, we can't win against these demons and trolls
however being right"er" has its advantages

Why so defensive and what do you want to win? Why is it always about winning or losing, can't someone be a bit sceptic about Leica and question it without being branded a demon or troll?

The whole right"er" makes no sense since there is no right or wrong with cameras but simply personal choice. That said, one should be comfortable enough with his choice to be able to have a discussion/debate with someone who questions the camera.

If it makes you feel better then you win and you are right (not sure about what you win or you are right but there you go).

I asked you a few simple questions and did not agree with your statement that the M9 is the perfect travel camera and that it has no compromises. Since you are right, it should be easy to just tell me why you think so.

Is the Leica forum really only there to praise Leica cameras and pictures taken with them? Is there no place for a differing view or a civilized discussion about Leica cameras with people who might disagree?

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