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Re: not a competitor, but

I tend to agree with the view that the Leica lenses are quite capable of holding up their value in the long run, but their M8 and M9 bodies depreciate just like every other digital body, fast.

Even the examples above show that to be true. The M8, which by the way I owned and happily used for 2 years, has clearly depreciated by 70% since its introduction at a list of $5K. Comparing it to the NEX5 doesn't make much sense to me, frankly, because while it may be true that in percentage ownership the NEX has depreciated even more quickly, in absolute dollars the M8 has lost 4x the total price of the NEX. At the same time, new Leica lenses bought 4 years ago, when the M8 came out, have probably appreciated rather than depreciated. So, like the equipment or love it or whatever your feelings about it, there is an unavoidable fact that the market doesn't particularly value a digital M any more highly than a last-generation FF. You will lose thousands of dollars if you buy it new, use it for 2 years and then sell it.

BTW, I haven't been on here much but was interested in this thread since I'm quite interested in the upcoming Fuji. I'm not sure calling someone a troll because he disagrees with your views is such a good thing. Is this one of those forums?

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