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Re: It isn't so

starwolfy wrote:

What are you waiting from this debate? That a M9 user tell you "Oh, yes, my M9 is crap, I just realize this now. I should have buy a NEX5!"

Why does it always have to end in one user having to admit he is wrong. Can't we just discuss and accept different points of view and opinions?

I just want to understand why people chose the cameras they did and what is so special about a Leica camera, I don't seek to tell anyone they are wrong and I am right.

... But stop trying to convince us that this is the way to go for EVERYBODY because it is enough FOR YOU.

I never tried to convince anybody of anything but asked some simple questions on why you use what you use and what is so special about it. If someone says "the M9 is the best period" then I have to question such a statement.

It clearly seems that our main criterias when choosing a camera are different. That is the reason we own a Leica body and you don't. This is just simple.
We are not stupid, just you don't understand us.

I am trying to understand you but it seems some people get very touchy and lose patience as soon as someone questions why a Leica is so special.

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