Poor ETTL II metering on 5D mark II

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Re: Example shots

I also use a 5d II with 580EX2 and also have a problem with ETTL II performance shooting indoors (bouncing off a white ceiling)

Its usually ~2/3 under exposure but I sometimes need up to +1 1/2 stops FEC to get a well exposed shot. I fire a few shots and check histogram to get the FEC dialed in. With that done I'm usually OK unless the lighting changes.

Flash exposure (along with AF performance) are the reasons I'm looking to trade in my 5Dii.

There was another thread here about 6 months, maybe a year ago. The poster took a number of shots indoors (his living room scene I remember) with a 5D2 and a 40/50 series EOS and the results were good and repeatable for all combinations that didn't involve the 5d2. It does appear to be a problem with this body.


Dave Guy wrote:

I have this problem with the 5d2 + 580ex2 whenever I use a modifier, even though ettl should be able to handle that. The computation is done through the lens, after all. I expect more from a $2k+ camera.

It seems that usually when this topic comes up, a bunch of people smugly reply that the OP should read the manual and learn how to use flash. Nice to see that this time the OP is being taken seriously.

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