Lens for new 7D

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Re: Lens for new 7D

I recommend that you budget:

  • 30% for camera bodies

  • 50% for lenses

  • 20% for accessories (tripod, flash, filters, bag)

The 600D/T3i has the exact same image quality as the 7D, and actually better video capability. It may allow more room in your budget for better lenses.

As for zoom lenses I recommend:

  • EFS 10-22mm

  • EFS 17-55 f2.8

  • EFS 15-85

  • Any L lens, except wide angle (they are good, but you are wasting a lot of money putting them on a crop sensor as a lot of engineering went into providing a large image circle that is completely wasted on APS-C - if you covet the wide L lenses, I suggest to save up for a 5D Mk II).

If your budget doesn't extend to these suggestions, you may as well buy the camera with the kit 18-55 IS and 55-250 IS lens pair. Very inexpensive, and just as good as any Canon zoom priced less than my suggestions.

The 7D is much better than the 600D for focus speed (flying birds, sports) and frame rate (sports). But for most other purposes the 600D is comparable. Don't get me wrong - I love my 7D - but the 7D is not a beginner friendly camera, and is not "best" for everyone.

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