Say it Isn't So!!!!

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Re: Say it Isn't So!!!!

stevielee wrote:

Godfrey wrote:

Given that my last two attempts to enjoy Fuji digital cameras ended with my selling them off pretty darn quickly, I don't think Leica has anything to worry about.

And given that my last two attempts to "enjoy" Leica's digital cameras (the original D-Lux P&S, as well as an ill-fated bout with the infamously flawed M8) ended with my quickly selling them both - and at a tidy loss, I don't think that Fujifilm has anything to really worry about at having to compete with any real competition from Leica when it comes to buying a higher end, high quality, AFFORDABLE compact camera in 2012. (-:

LOL ... I bet my two interactions with Fuji cameras are more recent than your two interactions with Leica cameras. I just mailed the second back to the dealer for a full refund this morning.

Original D-Lux ... um, about 7 years ago!

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