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Re: not a competitor, but

starwolfy wrote:

Glad to see you're auto-satisfied with your own crap

Btw: here is a Nex 5 for 250 euros in direct buy and still it do not sell

I am waiting for your link to a M8 in mint condition for 1300$, I'll direct buy at that price.

No you are not waiting for anything....You're just seriously agro because I've highlighted the fact that your precious and highly flawed M8 has dramatically dropped in resale value -- just as much in a percentage depreciation as any other digital camera -- so then you now fell that you inexplicably have to diss the excellent Sony Nex5 for some god forsaken reason.

See for yourself the actual, measurable comparison's between them both. You'll qualify and dismiss it - that, I am certain of...but the results on the page, and in the result - clearly speak for themselves. Read it and weep!

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