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starwolfy wrote:

a Leica M8 is more than 5 years old. Its sensors noise is fine up to Iso640 which is in today's standards quite poor.

A mint M8 goes easily for 2000 euros on eBay. Surely the M bodies depreciate faster, but far slower than any other brand.

After 8 months, a NEX5 is now found at 180 euros second hand on eBay, when it was costing 800 euros new.

And I've seen M8 bodies for as low as $1300 as well. Since they originally sold for around $5,000 US - it's still quite a hefty chunk of nice try with your questionably over-extreme NEX5 example -- but no cigar at futilely trying to flog your utterly false premise that somehow a Leica digital holds any real substantive edge in retaining it's resale value as compared with 95% of the other digital camera bodies that also understandably depreciate as their technology ages and photographic innovation marches inevitably forward....

Oh well...I have other things to say but I will not. I stop here. If you do not get what a M body is for, well...maybe just about putting your M lenses on your M body? As you could put your X lenses on your Fuji X?

PLEASE! I probably owed and/or used a Leica M body (M4 and an M6) way before you ever thought about using one, so don't go pulling your pitifully pedantic: "you have no idea what a real Leica is, but I actually do" hogwash. You sound like someone who's more impressed with owning a Red Dotted Leica, than actually knowing how to properly, and productively use one.

- -

It is pretty clear. You hate Leica. Their bodies sucks and are overpriced. We are all stupid. Thx for trying to light up our small IQ brains...

And it's "pretty clear" that you're pretty clearly a Leica do-or-die fanboy who's probably contingently incapable of allowing an alternate opinion of a particular material object to which it would seem you hold far too dearly in stature and emotion.

I don't hate, nor have I ever even properly loathed Leica, I'm just not as impressed and smitten with any of their recent digital camera attempts as you apparently are. I have stated for the record over and over again -- here -- and on countless other DPReview postings: that I greatly admire Leica's optics and hold their film cameras very much in high regard. Just because Leica really never adjusted completely, or comfortably in this higher demanding technology of the digital era, doesn't imply that I have it out for them in the least. If Leica were to come out with their own, state-of-the-art, high quality digital camera at an realist and AFFORDABLE price, then I'd be snapping one up (as I did recently with Fuji's X100) as soon as they were available for general sale.

Next time I need an advise for a camera equipment I'll call you.

No need for that. Let's not keep in touch...shall we?

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