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starwolfy wrote:

One of the major point which is forgotten here is that buying Leica lenses is a kind of investment.
They are expensive, but provide the best quality and will last a life time.

If you think in a short term, yes, the X100 and this new body look really capable. Just as the NEX7. But does it beat a Leica system in term of investment? I doubt so.

This is just a full electronically device who will depreciate highly after a year when the new model is released and you can doubt what you bought for your body will be supported (i.e.: the new Sony EVF that everybody waited for NEX5 will work on NEX5n only so you are forced to upgrade).

You do not have any idea about how will last your lenses either and how it will be supported in the future with the new bodies.

What Leica give us is confidence. We pay high, but we got the best lenses with an amazing quality and built for a last time, with an amazing resale value, and an amazing long term support.

I think many of Leica users are just tired of the short product turnover and the consuming attitude organized by the BIGS.

In my case, I am only 25 but I already prefer a slower and more traditional approach to photography. I am not here to hurry and jump on any new product with kikoolol features...nor taking better at Iso 12000 at 7 PFS. Iso 1250 and one picture at a time is just enough for me.I do not need more. That's all.

Yes, based on spec it may not be the best. But based on user experience M bodies are amazing and really lovable. Once you've tried, you hardly look back.

As I said in an other thread. I feel this debate is really like the one we can find on computer forums. Some people are laughing at Mac users and say they are stupid to buy a Mac because you can find a PC for cheaper and much better specs. These people just won't understand that pure specs are not necessarily the main criteria regarding a purchase decision. I think it is same for Leica M bodies. What is amazing is the user experience, as well as the quality of their products.

And from what you have quite starkly pointed out in your post above, when it comes to "investing" in anything Red Dot branded, it's basically all about the quality of the lenses that most anyone cares about - hence their ability to retain much of their original value. But when it comes down to all of their digital cameras, it's another story altogether. Leica's digital cameras actually depreciate just as much - if not more - than almost any other higher tech digital camera on the market today.

Also, almost no one really "invests" these days in any of the modern digital camera bodies themselves - mainly because of the rapidly changing internal technology within them - including Leica's. The M9 has a quite noticeably dated Kodak CCD sensor - with it's related processing electronics. Many of it's electronic features are considerably outclassed be even some entry-level DSLR's and 4/3'rds camera. Pretending that Leica's digital camera body is still all about it's base external mechanics and materials (as it was in the film era), is willfully ignoring, and glossing past many of the most important imaging advancements that have occurred in the past few years since the M9 was first released. The same equation is also true for all of the other digital camera bodies made by anyone else. But most of my higher quality Canon L lenses have very much retained just about the same overall resale value as your Leica M-mount lenses. The same would be true for most higher end Zeiss, and Nikkor lenses that are still in good working order with clean optics.

For any sort of longer term "investing" - as it pertains to the realm of digital photographic equipment, it will continue to be mostly about the lenses for the longer term - no matter who makes the particular digital camera body. they happen to be mounted on.

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