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Re: It isn't so

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

Leica M cameras are not for the majority of people either. It is for people who find its ergonomics fitting their shooting style and who know how to make the most of what rangefinder design can offer.

I agree with this statement but this still allows for people to question Leica's philosophy and products every now and then.

As for the S2, I wouldn't call it uninteresting for the majority of people. It is interesting indeed, however, there are reason why this interest cannot be satisfied, or justified by the majority that you mentioned.

True, it is interesting but it's priced at a point where it becomes irrelevant and this is a shame.

The importance of RF is in its performance in low light. So far there is no electronic system that can come even close to the coincidental rangefinder in conditions like f/1.4, 1/15 sec, ISO1000.

You should really give the NEX or GXR systems a try in low light as they might surprise you with their ability to focus in low light and will also provide way superior high ISO so you don't need to stop at ISO 1000 but can go above that.

... for example, a problem of incorrect DOF with through-the-lens focusing?

There is no incorrect DOF at all, mirrorless cameras show you the exact DOF and you can focus using an accurate view and DOF for each individual lens.

Now, about accuracy of framing. First of all, see above. Secondly, do you know that most SLRs do not provide a 100% frame view?

I don't care about dSLRs, all mirrorless, like the NEX or GXR, provide 100% accurate framing, DOF view, focusing and histogram. This for me is the future and something Leica needs to adopt, Fuji has shown that it is possible with the X100. Rehasing the same old outdated RF is not the way forward, enhancing it with modern technology however is.

Give me a small full-frame camera with manual controls, capable of fast and precise low-light focusing and handheld exposures on slow shutter speeds, and I will buy it. Oh, almost forgot: film-like grain please.

Aside from FF the GXR and Sony NEX-5n already do the job now and better than a Leica, give it another few months to one year and you have FF.

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