Is it time to move on from Nikon's Capture?

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Re: Is it time to move on from Nikon's Capture?

Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture are very capable tools. Each has some unique features not available in the other. You have to evaluate both against features you need to determine which is better for you. I have been a long-time Adobe user, including all releases of Lightroom and all releases of Photoshop since Photoshop 6 (pre CS day). I have lately been testing Aperture 3 on the Mac and am very impressed with it. I wrote an article comparing Lightroom and Aperture.

The more I use Aperture, the more I am impressed. It has me seriously considering a switch. If you are a Mac user, Aperture costs $79.99 in the Mac App Store and that lets you use it on up to 10 devices. Adobe products are licensed for up to two devices and cost considerably more.

You would need to evaluate both products and make a subjective decision based on your own criteria, but Apple Aperture definitely gives Adobe Lightroom a run for its money. Both offer free trials. Use them.
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