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Re: not a competitor, but

stevielee wrote:

Sorry if it seemed that I was "putting down Leica users" in the Fuji X100 thread. I did mean to kinda "put down" Leica themselves, for charging ridiculous sums of money for any of their digital cameras (even ones that they didn't even produce) by refusing to include many of the basic, modern features many lesser cameras have by default like: a high resolution rear LCD, or live view, or better ISO performance and speed..etc.

Sometimes we buy into the mythos because it seems fun to do so.

When it comes to the pricing of luxury products (which Leica most certainly is), R&D, cost of manufacturing and so on may have little to do with the retail price. The luxury game is not about supplying the best automobile, vodka, perfume, chair, handbag or wristwatch for the money, it's about delivering a certain intangible "something".

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