Why are the new Nikon D4 specifictations so crappy?

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Why are the new Nikon D4 specifictations so crappy?

So, from what I've seen, the stats of the new Nikon D4, which is going to be officially announced at some electronics show in a few days, was already published in some magazines and places and is basically confirmed at this point of what the camera's specs are going to be.

Apparently it is going to have just 16 megapixels, and an iso range of 100-12,800.

I don't get it.

I would've thought it would either:

1. Have a low megapixel count (relatively speaking, for what it is), like it does, but then in that case have vastly superior iso ability to the Nikon D3s, given that this camera is several years newer and should thus out-spec the D3s in that regard if it is going to have a low megapixel approach


2. Have a high megapixel count (as in, higher than the Nikon D3x), if it is not going to have an a sick Nikon D3s-style iso range.

But it seems like it's going to have NEITHER.

As in, not a high megapixel theme, NOR a high ISO ability theme.

I don't understand this.

Even the Nikon D800 is supposedly going to have something like 30+ megapixels, and that's going to be a much cheaper camera. What is the thought process behind these extremely underwhelming specs on the D4? I am pretty new to the scene, having only started reading about photography within the past 2 years, so, I have not been around to know what the release-history of previous cameras were like, or what the thought process is behind the way they spec their cameras, chronologically, but, is it normal for them to release such a watered down camera for their new flagship $9,000ish dollar camera, compared even to it's own predecessors? Or is this just an unexpected weird terrible camera that everyone, even the people who have been around for a while, are puzzled by?

Does anyone know?

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