reflecting on Olympus cameras I have had: the IS-1

Started Dec 31, 2011 | Discussions thread
Barry Fitzgerald Forum Pro • Posts: 29,888

I believe it's the same camera but in Europe it was called that.
I still have mine it was quite a popular bridge model for Olympus so I believe

I quite like it still works to this day

Lens is very good
Decent build
Good power for onboard flash

Overall for the time a decent alternative to an SLR (bang per buck with the lens)

Didn't like a few things
AF wasn't great (though night mode can AF in very dark conditions)

Didn't like the battery sucking power zoom and focus (manual would have been better)
VF could have been better than 85% coverage

If my memory is correct this model is now 20 years old if not a little more

For it's day a decent camera. Though I wanted to buy into Minolta film bodies (and I did later on)

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